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Singleton-class for managing global setup of subaio-views. Before creating views, manager.configure should be invoked.

The manager automatically maintains a valid token and requests new ones using the onTokenRequired callback whenever necessary.


  • SubaioManager




language: string | null

Language to be used by all Subaio views as a BCP-47 string. Assigning language automatically updates all views and triggers a token refetch if configure has already been called. If it is set to null or not set, views will never exit their loading-state.

Static shared

Shared instance of the Subaio Manager.



  • cleanup(): void
  • Stop all token refresh logic in preparation for the manager being garbage collected. Only relevant if instances are created manually.

    Should never be called on the shared instance.

    Returns void


  • configure(config: Config): void
  • Global configuration for all Subaio views. Must be called before any views are initiated.


    Returns void


  • refreshToken(): Promise<void> | Promise<__type> | null | undefined
  • Force a new fetch of authentication token. Useful when the user logs out to force current token to be removed from memory and any views to clear all user data.

    Returns Promise<void> | Promise<__type> | null | undefined


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